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Session 2024-2025

Mother's Day

Every year, World Heritage Day (WHD) is celebrated on April 18. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the heritage, diverse cultures, customs, and traditions that unite the country in their own ways.Celebrating Heritage Day at school is a great way to promote cultural awareness and respect among students. By celebrating Heritage Day, students learn the importance of embracing diversity and become more informed about the different cultures that make up their country. It also provides them with an opportunity to explore and appreciate the history and traditions of their country.
Our School has organized a various activities to celebrate Heritage Day on May 4, 2024.
*Traditional Attire Day in class VI
Encourage students to wear traditional dresses that represent their culture
*Traditional Sports in class VII
Organize cultural games and activities that represent different cultural traditions.
*Speak as a guest speaker on World Hetitage Site in class VIII
The motto of this activity to familiarise the students among our heritage sites and develop the confidence to speak.Some glimpses of these activities also clicked.

World Health Day

"The Earth is what we all have in common" Wendell Berry
April 22, celebrated as Earth Day was initiated to inspire all to rejoice and cherish the beautiful planet and to awaken the students on how they can be an asset in saving the Earth from pollution, global warming, water scarcity and other several concerns. We have always believed in grooming the students to become alert citizens who can contribute positively in safeguarding and protecting this planet by instilling the belief that each one of them can become Guardian of the Globe This year the theme of Earth Day is Invest in Our Planet with three pillars to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). The day aimed to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote conservation efforts to protect our planet. It reminded us of our responsibility to take care of the planet and protect it for future generations. Various activities were organised. These activities aimed at promoting environmental awareness and sustainable living among the students. The activities were specifically designed for students of different classes to cater to their interests and age groups. Students participated in the activities with enthusiasm and zeal.
Earth Day 2024 : Earth Day reminds the world about the importance of environment conservation and sustainability, encouraging us to come together and take action for a healthier planet and brighter future.We explored the importance of raising awareness about environmental issues, promoting sustainable practices, and inspiring action at both individual and collective levels.Earth Day draws attention to the issues like global warming and the depletion of natural resources. The significance of environmental protection for human survival is highlighted by World Earth Day. Oceans and land on earth provide a home for numerous animals. We must save this planet.On this very significant day our school organised some wonderful activities for the students of primary classes where all the students participated with their utmost interest and with great enthusiasm.
"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”– World Health Organization
World Health Day, celebrated on April 7th every year, is a global health awareness day coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO). It aims to draw attention to the importance of global health and highlight specific health issues that require action. Each year, World Health Day focuses on a specific theme to raise awareness and mobilize action around pressing health issues. This year's theme, "My Health My Right" underscores the importance of addressing health inequities and ensuring that everyone, everywhere has access to essential health services. World Health Day provides an opportunity to educate students about the importance of health and well-being, including topics such as nutrition, hygiene, disease prevention, and mental health. Our school organize different activities and events to promote healthy habits among students, such as poster making, positive notes on World Health Day and short video, discussions on the dangers of substance abuse. These activities can raise awareness about prevalent health issues such as diabetes, obesity, sanitation, and vaccination.

Session 2023-2024

Saturday Activity 17/02/24:
Class IX -Poster on say no to Exam Stress & anxiety
Class XI -Poster on Beat Exam Stress
"Khelo India": Khelo India, which translates to 'Let's play India', was proposed by the government of India in 2017 to revive India's sporting culture by engaging with children at the grassroots level. The initiative also focused on building better sporting infrastructure and academics across the country for various sports. The Khelo India School Games in 2018, which were held in New Delhi. The importance of sports and fitness in one's life is invaluable. Playing sports inculcates team spirit,develops strategic and analytical thinking. Keeping this very important thing in mind our school had organized an interesting quizze competition among the classes of Ist to Vth, where all the students participated with their full enthusiasm.
I'm glad that the reading activities to be fantastic! They indeed offer a diverse and enjoyable approach to nurturing reading skills while fostering creativity, critical thinking, and awareness among students.The reading activities are fantastic for promoting engagement and enhancing reading skills among students.Our school has organised reading activity for classes VI-VIII on 17th Feb,2024. Class VI storybook reading to develop imagination to flourish, while Class VII newspaper reading to develop awareness of current events. Class VIII's reverse book reading creates an innovative twist, encouraging students to think critically and creatively about texts. Overall, students enjoyed alot these activities.
Exam stress is a common phenomenon that affects students of all ages. It is completely normal to feel anxious or stressed before and during an exam, as exams are often seen as a test of one’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. However, when stress becomes overwhelming, it can have negative effects on a student’s performance and overall well-being. Through different activities, we explore the causes of exam stress, its symptoms, and ways to manage and overcome it.

The theme of Special assembly was on Basant panchmi which marks the beginning of the spring season. This day is also celebrated as the birthday of Maa Saraswati. Maa Saraswati has a Veena in one hand, a book in the second hand, a Rosary in the third hand, and a fourth hand in var mudra. Maa Saraswati is also worshiped by many names like Bhagwati Sharda Bageshwari, Veena Vadini and Var Devi. The vehicle of Saraswati Maa is a white swan and she sits on a lotus. The book in one hand of Maa Saraswati gave the message that our attention should be towards books, towards literature and students should never be separated from books. Veena on the one hand gives the message that as there is synchronization among the wires of veena likewise our heart feelings and brain should be in synchronization. White color symbolizes peace and purity. Our knowledge should be pure with our character positivity and no negativity.

Unity in diversity: Unity in diversity means oneness in the varieties. India is the best country proving this concept for many years. India is a country where it is very clear to see unity in diversity because people of many religions, race, cultures and traditions live together. They celebrate festivals together, have trade relations with each other, etc. When we get support from others then we can get the courage to fight together for injustice. When we are united, we can bring the change. So unity not only gives hope, courage and hope but also brings a change. Unity Gives Motivation: When we work as a team, we get motivated by each other and encouraged to work harder. In alignment with this noble principal our school actively involved students of classes I to V in an interesting activity of finger puppet making,where they took part with utmost interest.

Life is a Great Big Canvas,throw all the paint on it you can" said by Danny Kaye. Canvas painting for kids is an excellent activity that fosters creative exploration, skill building, confidence building and develops cognitive skills. Students of class VI-VIII in our school also proved it & participated in CANVAS PAINTING activity held on Jan27,2024. Kids do very well with step by step instruction.
" Prevent & Prepare,Don't Repair & Repent.
An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) mandated by OSHA standards serves to organize actions during emergencies. Well-crafted plans and thorough training lead to fewer injuries and less structural damage during crises. An activity was conducted where students made brochure and comic strips to enable awareness. Through this activity which was held on 27/1/24, students of Class IX & XI made creative designs that aimed to reduce injuries & to protect. Through this plan we made our students aware regarding the necessary procedures during a crisis, and a clear set of roles and responsibilities.

Republic Day 2024: Republic Day of India holds immense significance as it marks the adoption of the Constitution of India.Celebrated annually on January 26th, Republic Day honers the date in 1950 when the Constitution came into effect, replacing the Government of India in 1950 when the Constitution came into effect,replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India.
Every year, the celebrations marking the day feature spectacular military and cultural pageantry. India is known as a Republic country because the people of India elect the head of the sate government. It is also incorporated in the Constitution of India. It is stated there that India has a president elected directly for a specific time as mentioned in the Constitution of India, which is five years.In alignment with this very important day our school actively involved students of classes I to V in different activities,
classes I & II students took part in Tri- colour hand print activity,
whereas students of class III to V got involved in Tri- colour badge making activity.

Saturday Activity 30/12/23: Doing enjoyable activities make us more pleasant to be around,and doing us a lifetime of happiness.When we have fun and enjoy ourselves, we feel more confident and positive abilities. This can help to boost our self-esteem and make us more resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks.Taking this thing into account our school organized some different activities for different classes where our chapms showed their keen interest: Classes I and II : Oreo Popsicle Making
Class III: Bhelpuri Making
Class IV: Coconu Laddu Making
Students of class Vth took part in JAM Activity where they talked about their New Year Resolutions within one minute.
In January 2022, the Indian Government announced that December 26 would be observed as ‘Veer Bal Diwas’.On the occasion of Veer Bal Diwas i.e 26th December 2023 in a tribute to the sons of #GuruGobindSingh. Sahibzada Baba Zoravar Singh Ji & Sahibzada Baba Fateh Singh Ji who will be remembered till eternity for their act of supreme valour. In keeping with this spirit, students have participated in different activities to instill the feeling of patriotism and righteousness among them.The shaheedi of sahibzadas will continue to inspire everyone in the generations to come.Students of classes VI-VIII in our school participated in different activities.

Happy New Year! The New Year is the time of year where we make resolutions to improve our lives and get rid of our bad habits. Most children don't really have an appreciation for a resolution but they can have an appreciation for their activities. Today our students of classes VI-VIII welcome 2024 by participating in different activities and show their talent.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared December 26 as Veer Bal Diwas as a mark of respect and honour for the sacrifices of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s sons- Baba Zorawar Singh Ji and Baba Fateh Singh Ji who laid down their lives at a tender age of 9 and 7 years to protect the human values and integrity of Sikh community and of India. In alignment with this mission, our school actively involves students in various activities from classes IX & XI.

Saturday Activity 30/12/23: Doing enjoyable activities make us more pleasant to be around,and doing us a lifetime of happiness.When we have fun and enjoy ourselves, we feel more confident and positive abilities. This can help to boost our self-esteem and make us more resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks.Taking this thing into account our school organized some different activities for different classes where our chapms showed their keen interest:
Classes I and II : Oreo Popsicle Making
Class III: Bhelpuri Making
Class IV: Coconu Laddu Making
Students of class Vth took part in JAM Activity where they talked about their New Year Resolutions within one minute.

MERRY CHRISTMAS *2023: When autumn has given way to winter and snow covers the ground, and lights twinkle from house to house, you know Christmas is coming. Decorated Christmas trees are everywhere we get to see. Presents crowd for space under the tree and families come together for a turkey feast. Christmas is one of the most important Christian and cultural holidays of the year.Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God. The name 'Christmas' comes from the Mass of Christ (or Jesus). A Mass service (which is sometimes called Communion or Eucharist) is where Christians remember that Jesus died for us and then came back to life.Our shining stars of primary classes took part in various fun activities to celebrate christmas at school . Classes 1st and 2nd beautifully decorated Christmas tree whereas classes 3rd to 5th took part in an art activity based on Christmas.

On Saturday 16/12/2023, activity as scheduled "NATIONAL WAR MEMORIAL "
Class VI -Poem on National War Memorial
Class VII -Painting on National War Memorial
Class VIII -Banner on National War Memorial

The National War Memorial, constructed by the Government of India near India Gate, New Delhi, honors the Armed Forces martyrs, drawing inspiration from the 'Chakra Vyuh' formation. Spanning 40 acres in the India Gate Complex, it features 16 walls inscribed with the names of 25,942 war casualties. Since Independence, over 26,000 soldiers sacrificed for the nation's sovereignty. This memorial symbolizes the nation's gratitude to its Armed Forces, and students of classes IX & XI participate in various activities to uphold this sentiment.

On Saturday 2/12/2023, activity as scheduled "Recycle, Reuse ans Recreate "
'Class VI -Photo Frame
Class VII -Pen Stand
Class VIII -Paper Bag
Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Practising all of these activities every day is not only important for a healthy environment, but it can also be fun. Little hands and imagination minds came together in a creative burst of energy during the activities “Best out of waste” held on 2nd December organised in our school. Students of class 6, 7 and 8 standards of all divisions prepared very creative, innovative and useful items from different waste materials.

On Saturday 2/12/2023, activity as scheduled "SAMVIDHAN DIVAS"
Class IX -Sketch on Parliamant House

Saturday Activity 02/11/2023:
This Saturday our students of primary classes inclined themselves to some beautiful activities to promote significance of traffic signs which are an integral part while driving on Indian roads.
Traffic signs give an indication about road conditions and acts as drive for drivers to follow at major intersections, roundabouts or junctions,to make sure that road traffic functions properly. Traffic rules and safety signs help to mitigate this risk and reduce the possibilities of accidents happening.Things like speed limit signs,stop signs, and give way signs to help avoid accidents by controlling the flow of traffic and the speed it is traveling at. Students of classes I and II took part in a Pasting Activity on traffic signs and classes III to V students took part in an Art Activity related to the same topic.

On Saturday 4/11/2023, activity as scheduled 'CHILDREN'S DAY'
Class VI -slogan on 'Childhood / children Day'
Class VII -Poem on 'the Innocence of choldhood'
Class VIII -Portrait of 'Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru'
“Every child is a different kind of flower that altogether make this world a beautiful garden.” Children’s Day is celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm by the children on 14 November every year. India’s First Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru(Chacha Nehru) was born on this day.Because of Chacha Nehru’s immense love for children, 14th November was declared as Children’s day.Pandit Nehru is always believed that a child is future of tomorrow.Our school celebrates this day by organising different activities for classes VI-VIII.

On Saturday 21/10/2023, activity as scheduled
Class VI -Poem on any 'Gallantry Award winner'
Class VII -Painting n 'lives of Gallantry Award winner'
Class VIII -Paragraph on 'What would I do for my nation'
Class IX -Poster on Gallantry Award Winners
Class X -Quiz on Gallantry Award Winners
Class XI -Eassy on Gallantry Award Winners
Class XII -Slogan on Gallantry Award Winners

Art integrated Activities

On Saturday 06/10/2023, activity as scheduled SWATCH BHARAT ABHIYAN
class VI -Poster on 'Cleanliness is next to godness'
class VII -Painting on 'Clean ndia Green India'
class VIII -spread a word 'clean your surrounding'

This Friday (6/10/2023)our Primary students participated in variety of activities:
Classes I to III - Talent Hunt
Class IV - Poster making on Save Animals
Class V - Slogan Writing on G20
Talent Hunt 2023:
Talent Hunt is like a flower, we have to fully tend to if we want something beautiful. It is truly believed that evey person is born with a talent.Our school is always on the forefront to encourage student talent. To support this our school organized an Interclass Talent Hunt competition of classes I to III to nurture talents in it's students. Poster Making on Save Animals: From offering a wealth of natural medicines to safeguarding us from climate shocks and improving soil health, we need wildlife for our survival, well-being and prosperity. Biodiversity is vital for a healthy and functional ecosystem. If a single species should become extinct,the whole food chain will disrupted- affecting all species. Keeping this thing in mind our students of class IV participated in a Poster Making Competition with their utmost interest.
Slogan Writing on G20:
The Group of Twenty (G20) is the premier forum for international economic cooperation. It plays an important roll in shaping and strengthening global architecture and governance on all major international economic issues.The goal is to coordinate global policy on trade, health, climate and other prominent international financial stability. Together, the nations of G20 account for almost 80% of the global economic output.Keeping this very important agenda in mind our class V students participated in a Slogan Writing Competition with their greatest interest.

"Cleanliness drive for Swachh Bharat"
In accordance with cleanliness drive started by our honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, the role of schools has been instrumental in realizing the mission of "Swachh Bharat." As the schools play a vital role in spreading the "Swachhta" awareness and implementation across the country. Keeping this mission in mind, during the week to celebrate Swachhta Pakhwada, all the students of the classes IX- XII were engaged in different activities.
Swachhata Shapath
Class IX students took a pledge on cleanliness to mark 'Swachhata Shapath Day'. The pledge, in English and in Hindi promoted the virtue of cleanliness both personal and social among students. The students were encouraged not to litter and to dispose the garbage properly & wisely. They are told the hazards of using plastic items and were motivated to spread aware- ness to avoid using plastic bags. They pledged to segregate biogradable and non-bio degradable wastes, so as to make their country & green.
I take the pledge that I will remain committed towards cleanliness and devote time for this. I will devote 100 hours per year to work for cleanliness. I will neither litter nor let other litter. I will initiate the quest for cleanliness with myself, my family, my location, my village and my workplace.

Cleanliness Drive/ Swachhata Action Day/ Shrandaan
Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan," is a cleanliness drive in which Class XI students participated with great enthusiasm and fervor along with a team. The students turned into the real brand ambassadors of this Swachhta Mission. They were involved in cleaning up their play ground. The students actively took part in this learning while doing activity. They picked-up wrappers, papers, dry leaves, etc from the campus and disposed them off in proper dustbins. Through this activity, they learnt the proper and judicious segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes and their proper disposal. The 'Blue' and 'Green' -co- loured dustbins were made familiar among these further pledged to follow the same at home also. 'Shramdaan', 'shram' means labour and 'daan' means donation. Shramdaan means a voluntary contribution involving physical effort. It is a way of helping our community and contributing to help and change the environment around us for better. In order to inculcate this value in the present generation, Shramdaan Day is organised for Class XI students to align with the purpose of service. The students of class XI participated in different Shramdaan activities.

Poster On Waste Management
An activity 'Swachhata Action Day' was organized for Class XII. The students were encouraged by the teachers for making the posters on the related theme " Swachhata Pakhwada". The posters prepared by the students were clearly conveying the message of cleanliness towards the environment to boost up their confidence and their sincere dedication toward the activity.

Gandhi Jayanti 2023: Every year on the 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. During the Independence of India, Mahatma Gandhi played a very important role.Gandhi Jayanti is one of the three national holidays of India.Gandhiji's two fundamental tents were Ahimsa or nonviolence and peace. Mahatma Gandhi is also known as the Father of the Nation. Bapu or Mahatma, was a political ethicist, nationalist and lawyer.Globally the day is celebrated as the International Day of Non-violence. To show a tribute to the lagend, Delhi English Academy organized special Saturday activity to celebrate "Gandhi Jayanti", where our champs were shown their immense interest to the activity: Classes I & II:Dry Brush Painting. Classes III to V: Poster Making Activity.

"Preparedness is the calm before, during and after the storm." Classes- IX-XII Activity- Evacuation Drill Evacuation drill were executed for the classes- IX-XII to create awareness and preparedness during calamities. The students were trained to be alert, quick and responsible, follow instructions, maintain calm and avoid panic to avert stampede and casualties. The main aim of the drill was to build courage and confidence amongst students and develop leadership skills. The staff members themselves at pre decided vantage points to guide and assist the students as soon as the fire alarm went off. The students quickly moved out in proper lines. Students are trained to reach the safe designated areas allocated for each class in case of any emergency. Training has been imparted to the staff members to handle crisis and give first-aid relief if required.

“Training proves to be the key ingredient to handling any disaster.” Classes - VI-VIII Activity - EVACUATION DRILL A disaster management mock drill was conducted on Saturday 30, 2023, for students of classes VI-VIII to prepare them for unforeseen emergencies, such as earthquake.The main objective was to spread awareness, build preparedness, courage and confidence, and enhance the student's ability to respond quickly.Before the drill, the students were sensitized about the emergency exit plan, evacuation routes, and the dos and don’ts that must be followed during an emergency. Overall, the drill was conducted to educate and train students on how to respond to unforeseen emergencies, such as earthquake, and to ensure their safety in such situations.

Plastic is one of our greatest environmental challenges. Hard-to-recycle packaging and products can interfere with our recycling systems and are often used only once before being disposed off. To increase the awareness among children, our school has been organised a slogan writing competition on 'Phasing out single use plastic' on sep 6, 2023. Students of class VI-VIII have participated in it with full enthusiasm.
This past Monday, on September 4th, 2023, our students pledged their commitment to building a cleaner, plastic-free India. Here are some captured moments from that significant occasion.
Addressing the pressing issue of plastic pollution, our school has taken a proactive stance. On September 6th, 2023, we organized a spirited slogan writing competition centered on the theme of 'Eliminating Single-Use Plastics.' Engaging students from grades IX to XII, this event aimed to instill awareness and action among our youth regarding the challenges posed by non-recyclable plastics, which are often used just once before disposal.

students had taken oath to contribute in creating clean and plastic free India
Slogan Writing Competition on "Phasing Out Single Use Plastic and Plastic Waste Managements"(classes III to V)

Classes I & II- Craft Activity (Card Making)
Classes III to V - Craft Activity (Bouquet Making).
Classes IX - XII Matribhasha Diwas
Rakhi making and art integrated activity ( Topic - My House )
Matrabhasha Diwas is celebrated every year to mark the adaptation of Hindi (written in Devanagari script) as the official language by the Constituent Assembly on September 14, 1949. The first Prime Minister of the country, Jawaharlal Nehru, decided to celebrate Hindi Diwas every year. Matrabhasha Diwas every year reminds us of our true identity and unites all the people of the country. Wherever we go our language, culture and values should stay with us and this serves as a reminder. Matribhasha Diwas inspires us for the spirit of patriotism. In today's time people prefer to learn English more than Hindi because English is spoken all over the world. English is also one of the official languages of India. The importance of Hindi Day is that it always reminds us that Hindi is our official language and it holds a lot of importance. Students of Classes IX- XII participated in various activities to understanding the importance of Matrabhasha or Hindi. Showing respect towards Hindi our students also celebrated Matrabhasha Diwas by doing different activities.

Teacher's Day 2023: Teacher's Day in India is a yearly celebration on the 5th of September.This is a day to respect our teachers for their significant work.Teachers hold the real knowledge,empathy, generosity for their students.We receive massive help from our teachers behind our success. Showing respect to the beloved teachers this year our shinning stars were celebrated Teacher's Day by doing different activities:

On Saturday 19/08/2023, activity as scheduled Class I-II - Craft Activity (Rakhi Making)
Class III-V -Craft Activity (Rakhi Making)
Class VI -Slogan on "Good Deeds"
Class VII - Poster on "Poster on "Kindness is the Greatest Virtue"
Class VIII - Painting on "Together We Stand"
Class IX-XII - Collage on "4 R'S Reduce ,Reuse,Recycle& Refuse"

On Friday 11/08/2023, AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV was celebrated
Class IX -Sketch on Freedom fighters
Class X - Poster on amar Jawan Jyoti
Class XI - Portrait on Red Fort
Class XII - slogan on Ashol chakra

Activity on G-20 was celebrated to highlight the theme of "One Earth One Family"- One Future.

On Friday 28/07/2023, activity as scheduled
Class I & II Friendship Day Card Making
Class III & IV - Craft Activity Friendship Band Making
Class VI - poster on G20
Class VII - collage on G20
Class VIII -Slogan Writing on G20
Class IX -Quiz on G20
Class X-Essay Writting on G20
Class XI - Poster on G20
Class XII - slogan Writing on G20

Inter House Competition
INTERCLASS ENGLISH HANDWRITING COMPETITION was organised for the students of primary section ( 5th class ) on 19th May,2023 . The objective of this competition was to encourage them to improve their writing skills. The response of students was very encouraging. They had participated with a lot of excitement and passion and had given a tough competition and presented their writing talent very beautifully. Heartiest Congratulations to the proud winners!!!

On Friday 06/05/2023, activity as scheduled
Classes :- I & II - Thanks Card Making
Classes :- III & V - Making aThank you Card
VI :- Collahe on "Harmful effects of smoking"
VII:- Poster on "Anti -Tobacco Day"
VIII:-Banner on "World No Tobacco Day"
Class IX-Poster On "Stop Smoking Before Smoke Stops You"
Class X- Slogan Writing On "Tobacco- A Threat To Development"
Class XI - Poster On "Drugs Are Retarded So Don't Get Started/ Run Away From Drugs"
Class XII-Slogan Writing On "Fight Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking"

On Friday 28/04/2023, activity as scheduled
Classes:- I & II - Tearing and pasting activity on "Health and Hygiene"
Classes:- III to V - Craft activity on "Health and Hygiene"
VI - Book mark making activity
VII - Book front cover page making activity
VIII - Book Review
IX -Slogan on "cyber Crime"
X - Poster on "staying safe in the Virtual World"
XI - Banner on "Stop Cyber Bullying"
XII - Collage on "Our Safety is of Prime Importance "

On Saturday 15/04/2023, activity as scheduled
Pre-Primary:- Art Integrated Activity Class:I & II - Coloring and Painting relatd to "Earth day" Class:III to V - Poster Making om " Save Earth"
Class:VI- Poen on "Save Earth "
Class:VII-Slogan on "Save Our Mother Earth"
Class:VIII-Poster on " Restore Our Earth"
Class:IX -Banner on "Save Soil"
Class:X -Slogan on "soil Conservation "
Class:XI- Poster on "Stop over Soil Salinization , Boost Soil Productivity"
Class:XII collage on "Soil Salinity - gives Land Invalidity"

School Timing: Montessori Dept: 7:50 a.m to 12:30 p.m | I to XII : 7:50 a.m to 2:00 p.m
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